me and konrad 
tomorrow my dear, best, loveliest friend Olle Holmberg aka moonwheel is playing at BOILER ROOM!!  he also released this week loveliest EP c here 

olle has one of the most interesting, intense, emotional and beautiful tunes i’ve ever heard. i highly recommend to listen to his tracks moonwheel

he is not only good musician, he is one of my favorite person, best friend, genuine person with beautiful sense of humor, very reasonable and very poetic guy! with one word LISTEN END LOVE HIM AND HIS MUSIC! 

much love! 

best wishes to u! 

my dear friend Olle Holmberg aka Moon Wheel played at berghain last friday 
:proud friend post: 
i wish u all the best man! <3 
Sarah, Olle, mu
at hallesches tor 


me at k-fetisch we live here guys! 
Launching the Discipline issue on the 25th May with Void Berlin! 
come and have a lovely night with us! 
my friend Nikusha Chkhaidze scratched this next to udk-berlin’s (university of arts berlin) director’s (director of department art in context) door and he was almost kicked out of the university. 
director of udk-berlin called him :Violent Idiot: 
this art work is really interesting to me and i thought i’d share it with u 
oh and it says: something is wrong here: or something like that.. 
"Freedom is conceivable only as an absurd game with apparatus, as a game with programs." V. Flusser

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this is criminal. last saturday i was so wasted that i forgot that in berghain is not aloud to take pictures.. ^^ and this guy was amazing he took care of me.. ugh! berghain is the best place on this planet. 

that is unbelievable!

i cant believe it is happening :3