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i just want to say that ana is the best, most supportive person in my life. i can talk to her about absolutely anything. she never tells me that my feelings are invalid and she never tells me that i should “RELAX”, she understands me and is such a good listener and just really the true definition of a friend. i love you so much.

awh Laura! this is what i was thinking of you this morning 
brainpickings. wanted to send u this article too <3 
i love you my dear with whole my heart! 
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It’s a sign!Hanna Putz and me on one double spread in current Sleek Magazine (No. 49).
Both defining fun with friends.Hanna: “To me fun ist best experienced together. With friends.”Uwe: “Uwe’s having fun off the line with the friends.”

Earl Grey and Some Peace of Mind
Having gone through a few interesting and rather challenging months, sometimes deep into the night surrounded by many many thoughts, the only thing I could think of was to have a cup of Earl Grey tea with some milk and of course, some peace of mind.
Inspired by the beautiful photography of Ana Alex Tabatadze, this is the first of out 3 paintings of the series.
Please visit her Tumblr as well, she has been so kind as to allow me to use her photography as the source of inspiration.
Watercolour on Paper. 24cmx40cm. 2014


Norah Stone

Studio Von Birken

Louisa Gagliardi

i removed myself from all networks. should do this before but well.. thank you guys for having me in your beautiful and once interesting networks. 

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