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'To Young Man or Woman in Search of Ideal II' by Sara Elgerot

19th century wedding bands
its happening again :3 

uh oh.
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i write about psychological/verbal abuse, body image problems, social anxiety, general anxiety, magic eight balls, shitty coping mechanisms, how much i love jazzy, chicago zine fest.  lots of illustrations.

new issue yep yepp yeep! it must  be really interesting, i have not received it yet but i know what is in there and it is really important for most of u. for girls and guys, u should all think and be conscious about things u r doing, how u r acting in relationships!

get a copy and enjoy it.
Laura has important things to tell   
this is so good 



i just want to say that ana is the best, most supportive person in my life. i can talk to her about absolutely anything. she never tells me that my feelings are invalid and she never tells me that i should “RELAX”, she understands me and is such a good listener and just really the true definition of a friend. i love you so much.

awh Laura! this is what i was thinking of you this morning 
brainpickings. wanted to send u this article too <3 
i love you my dear with whole my heart! 
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It’s a sign!Hanna Putz and me on one double spread in current Sleek Magazine (No. 49).
Both defining fun with friends.Hanna: “To me fun ist best experienced together. With friends.”Uwe: “Uwe’s having fun off the line with the friends.”