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"When poet won’t say, I love you" Ana Alex xox

actually only Bianca can discover my most weird works and love them. thank you my love!
i love you! u know that?

Berlin (2014)

Sophia Tabatadze “Crazy Information Unusable Papers” 1997
70x50 cm, ink on paper
time for a summer selfie Ö
'To Young Man or Woman in Search of Ideal II' by Sara Elgerot

19th century wedding bands
its happening again :3 

uh oh.
half legal, 36pp, $3 usd from my etsy, or message me & we can make a deal.
i write about psychological/verbal abuse, body image problems, social anxiety, general anxiety, magic eight balls, shitty coping mechanisms, how much i love jazzy, chicago zine fest.  lots of illustrations.

new issue yep yepp yeep! it must  be really interesting, i have not received it yet but i know what is in there and it is really important for most of u. for girls and guys, u should all think and be conscious about things u r doing, how u r acting in relationships!

get a copy and enjoy it.
Laura has important things to tell