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ZUCKERZEIT (2009 - 2012)
was waiting for this for so long! i was literary checking my mailbox twice a day! this is beautiful! laura’s beautiful way of writing and great black and white, very samizdaty aesthetic! 

you can ready in pansy no. 9 really funny stories about her flatmates, interesting analysis about how love can confuse u and how painful it can be, report about our beautiful time together in berlin, few very tasty songs suggestions  and more! 
it is a brilliant zine, what laura does, how courageous she is makes me always stronger and confident, i never met anyone who is that brave! she made me brave too and i thank her for all this beautiful things!

get pansy 9 and also 8 here flammable  and if u are vegan or want to try just healthy animal friendly food get “cranky vegan 19 recipes” too 
or just support this movement! 

and also if u don’t know who is laura check her blog here: libels

<3 thank you laura! i love you! 

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oioiiiii olle!!!!
Martin Wecke

REASONS contributor: whatif
Gateway, 2012

"1999 the World Space Week was declared by the United Nations. Since then, every year there are events all over the world, with the aim to bring space science and technology and their use for humanity closer to the public. Bremen is one of the worldwide leading sites for space science and technology and is - with the work of universities, research institutes and companies - shaping up to be a gateway to space. 
2012 the city of Bremen opened the town hall for the World Space Week and whatif interprets Bremens’ role as a gateway to space in the interactive media installation »Gateway«:”
~ For more information on the project and to investigate further, please visit here.

~ REASONS last copies available through the Offline Samizdat Etsy shop and in Motto Berlin  

Offline Samizdat: REASONS issue : last copies available through the Offline Samizdat Etsy shop and in Motto Berlin.
~50 copies only : hand made~
Ana AlexMarc Bijl Nikusha Chkhaidze Viviana DrugaLibby EdwardsCaroline FayetteLaura A Garland Jesús Crudo GonzálezTom HancocksMari Hiratsuka Ignas KrungleviciusLylaNik MantillaTheo MercierSafaribuero Tanawat SakdawisarakKonrad Steffensen Conor ToddwhatifGary Wilson
Michelangelo De RosaAnnie GohLFOlle HolmbergDavid RSimon WardSekou Younge
Marie Dior
Format: *A5 - Hand scored, pressed and bound with Lacky. Option to be dismantled.

REASONS contributor: Tom Hancocks
“// An ongoing series of images focussed on a spherical shape as the central theme.”
~ We invite you to take an adventure through his online portfolio.

~ REASONS last copies available through the Offline Samizdat Etsy shop and in Motto Berlin.


some new drawings.